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 +===== Medical imaging ===== 
 +<box 100% round #fff #fff #fff #eee> [[.:​medical-imaging|{{:​research:​topics:​spie_vignette.png?​nolink&​ |}}]]
 +<typo fs:150%; ls:​0.1em;>​**[[.:​medical-imaging]]**</​typo>​
 +**Keywords:​** MRI, segmentation,​ mesh reconstruction.
 +**Abstract:​** pre and post-operative images like MRI can be modelized as voxel matrices, and a large number of algorithms from discrete geometry can be applied. Extracting a surface from such a description is also an interesting way to modelize the observed anatomical objects (organs, tissues, etc.) and facilitate the usage of geometrical and topological tools. I mainly worked on this approach, generating surfaces from the voxel description,​ then modifying the surface by integrating expert knowledge, related with geometry or topology, or extracting information to measure properties.
 +==== Main activity ==== 
 +I am a permanent member of the [[http://​isit.u-clermont1.fr/​team/​ALCoV|ALCoV]] team, ISIT, Universit√© d'​Auvergne,​ focusing on endoscopic surgery. ALCoV'​s scientific project brings new tools for surgical gesture training and decision making using virtual reality and for computer vision and augmented reality aided surgery. I am interested in extracting structured mesh from pre-operative images, to enrich the per-operative tools.
 +==== Collaborations ==== 
 +  * **2009-2011:​** [[http://​www.ict.csiro.au/​staff/​olivier.salvado/​|Olivier Salvado]], [[http://​www.aehrc.net/​biomedical_imaging/​|Biomedical Imaging Group]], Australian eHealth Research Centre, CSIRO
 +    * I am involved in a FAST project (EGIDE), and I was during one month (August 2010) in Brisbane, working at CSIRO on topological correction of volumic data.
 +  * **2006-2009:​** Vincent Barra, LIMOS, UMR CNRS, Universit√© Blaise Pascal
 +  * **2006:** Jean-Jacques Lemaire, ERIM, Universit√© d'​Auvergne
 +  * **2005:** [[https://​www.irisa.fr/​visages/​members/​christian.barillot/​index|Christian Barillot]], ViSaGeS, IRISA.
 +==== Publications ==== 
 +    ​
 +[publist|page:​research:​publication:​bibtex|wiki:​page:​research:​publication:​template-simple|only:​keywords=medical-imaging]  ​