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 +===== Computer graphics =====
 +<box 100% round #fff #fff #fff #eee> [[.:​computer-graphics|{{:​research:​topics:​vignette_organic.png?​nolink&​ |}}]]
 +<typo fs:150%; ls:​0.1em;>​**[[.:​computer-graphics]]**</​typo>​
 +**Keywords:​** charts decomposition,​ parameterization,​ tiling.
 +**Abstract:​** Integrating geometrical and topological constraints in computer graphics field is an interesting way to solve several questions, //e.g.// obtaining a satisfying cutting of a surface in order to perform in an efficient way a conformal parameterization. I am also interested in adapting the theoretical algorithms in order to offer interactive adjustments to the infographist.
 +==== Collaborations ==== 
 +  * since 2010: Silvia Biasotti, Marco Attene, Michela Spagnuolo, and the [[http://​www.ge.imati.cnr.it/​ima/​smg/​home.html|shape modelling group]], IMATI, Genoa, Italy.
 +==== Publications ==== 
 +    ​
 +[publist|page:​research:​publication:​bibtex|wiki:​page:​research:​publication:​template-simple|only:​keywords=computer-graphics]  ​